can see the config folder on my pc with my sansa player . i need to see this

ok i gotta find a way to see the config folder , because i can only see it on my ps3 , i know is there .  i saved some files from my ps3 to the sansa player and they are folders like the config , please help me find them

Go to player settings and change the USB mode to MSC. Read the Fuze FAQ above for info on the 2 USB modes that the Fuze can be run in (MSC & MTP). Files added in one mode will not be visible in the other mode on a computer.

It’s a setting in your PC, and finding it depends on your operating system.

In XP it’s My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View and you have to check the checkboxes to Show Hidden Files and un-check Hide Protected Operating System files.

It’s different in Vista or Windows 7. Search Help for “Folder Options.”