Can Sansa products support playing a single track then stop in random in shuffle mode?

The player needs to be able to create 2 albums or track lists. 

The player needs to have the player play a single track at a time from an album of tracks in random order.

The random mode also needs to randomly repeat the same tracks in the list of 20.  I don’t want it to shuffle the list and only play all 20 once.

Then to be able to push >>| to play the next track and then stop again.  Then switch to the other album of another 20 tracks and do the same.

Hopefully that made sense?  Can sansa or anyone-group-software support adding these custom play modes to any mp3 players?

Thanks very much for any help!


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I don’t think the player will do all you want.  If you select an album/playlist/group of songs, it will not play 1 song and then stop and wait for you–it will continue through them all.  Of course, you could select a single track to play, let the player stop, and then select the next.