Can PLAY mp4 on (Amazon Fire) Sandisk Ultra (10) 128gb MicroSDXC1 --> CANNOT COPY on SD or off sd?

Short version: On the MicroSD listed can extra and put in a Macbook or PC and CAN VIEW the videos by navigating to the  camera/…/FreeTime/10/…directory an clicking on the MP4 but CANNOT COPY the file elsewhere on SD or to my Mac or PC.


I have the first Amazon Fire 10 HD. I bought it for my little boy with a  Sandisk Ultra (10) 128gb MicroSDXC1 sold by Amazon “specifically” for the Fire 10 HD.

I put it in and he used it for a long time. On vacation now and he was giving it away to his Grandma(s … twins) but I cannot get everything on it off the card. I was able to extract the pictures and all but 3 videos. The remaining videos are 500-something mb, 1.2gb and 1.5gb long. Of those I copied off, most were less than 400mb but at least one was 540mb and it copied fine.

I’ve tried copying from the sd using an SD to usb reader (that I borrowed) to my PC. I ordered a Sandisk micro to sd adapter to plug into my Mac. With these I was able to access all the picture and videos but not copy the three in question. One of those (the 1.2gb) I absolutely want as it is my boy at 8yo doing an “unboxing” :wink: it’s cute.

Different messages on different devices. On Mac I’ve gotten the “(error code -36)” thing, various input or read error or timeouts - again depending on OS and manner of “copy.”

Now ALL 3 of these videos will PLAY FINE on the Amazon Fire 10 HD, they will also play fine if I play them through the Micro to SD adapter plugged into my macbook. I just cannot copy them to another directory on the SD card OR to the PC/Mac.

I even tried playing it in QuickTime and then doing Save or Export to 720p, always goes to a point and fails (different points on each but it seems consistant per file) - I also tried “uploading to Prime Photos”, that also fails (no message, never starts uploading like the other videos did.)

I’ve tried everything I can think of. My remaining option is to play the mp4 video and record it with my camera. I really want to save this part of my son’s history. I also want to give my parents the sd card in their new (old) Fire so they can download more pics of their only grandson.

Any ideas WHY it can play but not COPY? I’m a software engineer but this is beyond my area of knowlege. If there was some way to write a streaming video to file app from a skeleton in OpenSource, I could try that. I’m leaving their house tomorrow but they will be with me in St Augustine for 2 days before we leave - I could take the Fire with me in hopes I hear from you guys something to try. Otherwise will take the SDF card then will mail it if can copy and “hope” they figure installing right (they are 84.)

My thanks for your time,