Can only pick up 1 or 2 Radio Channels????

Have a 1 GB clip. Purchased just for the radio. Updated the firmware to 2.01.16. Can only get 2 radio channels mostly all fuzz. I tried the earphones that came with the clip plus 2 additional pairs. still nothing. Please Help!!!



There is a setting for USA or world somewhere in the options. Mine was set to USA and I could only get a couple of stations. I changed it to world and it found a lot more stations - I am in the UK.

Just curious if you have any other low cost radios in your house that can pick up a lot of different stations from your area? I say low cost because the radio in the Clip is not known to be one of its strong points. It does seem to work ok for me where I live by leaving it on the USA setting though. I am picking up all the stations I can receive on my other radios and am getting a decent quality signal. Though if I move around it will fade in and out somewhat. If you can receive a decent signal on other radios placed in the exact same spot as your Clip, it could be a problem with your Clip. The radio in my Clip does work better than I expected after all the complaints I have heard about it. But then I didn’t buy my Clip for the radio.

I live in the US and it is set on US. As far as any other low cost radio’s Ido not have any others in the house. My car radio picks up all stations in my garage even tho the clip does not. I wanted something small that would clip on my workout shorts while at the gym, all of the tv’s are broadcasted on different fm channels so I wanted something small while I worked out on the bike or treadmill. I did not want a big bulky walkman but might not have a choice. I will be bringing it to th gym tomarrow so we’ll see if it picks anything up there.

I don’t think a car radio would be a fair comparison. Even a cheap car radio would more than likely get better reception than the Clip’s radio. Usually your car has an external antenna that helps a lot in picking up stations. Unlike the short headphone cord we have to deal with on the Clip. Not to mention how tiny the radio is in the Clip. Amazing they could fit it in such a small form factor. That’s a good idea to try it at the gym though, it might work better there. But have you tried just walking around your block or at a friends house or while out driving the car etc… to see if it gets better reception in different areas?

Make sure your earbuds or headphones are fully plugged into the jack (plug shank is not exposed at all). These players have tight jacks when new and can easily not be in all the way. Your headphones are the FM antenna and if the plug is not fully seated it may be shorting the antenna out.

Try using headphones with a longer cord. The headphone cord is the FM antenna. In weak signal areas this might help. Extend the headphone cord fully when using the radio.


Be forewarned!  Have you tried the US / World setting at home to see the difference in the frequency steps?  This is very useful for gym transmitters, that often ARE NOT broadcasting on the odd (200kHz steps, as in 99.3, 99.5, 99.7) frequencies allocated.

If you are receiving “fuzz” at the gym, change your setting to “world” and see if the transmission happens to be centered on the “even” numbers.

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Thanks for all of the reply’s and suggestions. I used the clip at the gym with the cord fully extended and worked fairly well. I was able to pick up all of the channels and just had moderate fuzz when I moved abruptly.