Can only dele image files on camera

My 64GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC has the weirdest issue regarding file deleting. I’ve been using it in my Nikon D750 for over a year now, but for the past 2 months or so I’ve been unable to delete image files when the card is in a USB reader, on any of the PCs I’ve tried. I can always, however, delete one, many or all images directly from the camera menu when the card is in its slot, which intrigues me and messes up my workflow.

thanks. you having this problem gave me a clue, and i fixed mine. let’s see if it works for you
i realized my cards (two!) also worked on camera, not pc
so i formatted them both ON MY CAMERA, using the nikon menu
then they worked on PC
save files first!

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What USB card reader do you have? Does it work as expected if you insert a different CF card in it? And why are you unable to delete image files, e.g. can you see the files in File Explorer and do you get any error message when you try to delete them?

I suspect it has something to do with the file system. So what file system is on the CF card you have problems with? For example, FAT (i.e. FAT16) has a maximum volume size limit of 2 GB whereas for FAT32 that limit is 2 TB. Also, how many partitions do you have on it (if more than one)? If more than one is present there may be a problem where Windows fails to see all of them, or it sees them but fails to mount them for you to use them in File Explorer.

I would recommend wiping the card clean using the DiskPart command line tool in Windows (present in XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10). Or doing the same using the menu and format option in your camera. That should take care of any corrupted partition tables, or file system issues and prepare the card for use in camera or in a computer (same thing really, different names).

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Never mind! Just when I was about to send in my card for a replacement at Sandisk, I accidentally found out that the problem was actually on the card slots at both my laptops. They are malfunctioning - interpreting all cards as if the write lock were activated. When I tested all my SD cards on my daughter’s laptop, they worked just fine. Sorry for the inconvenience of making you guys go out of your way to try and help out. I really appreciate it! Looking the matter up on a bunch of forums, it seems that most built-in card slots are quite fragile and touchy when it comes to card lock detection and tend to misread the lock position after some time. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing! I must say that this is the weirdest thing I ever heard of. But then again I don’t use a laptop very often. I do have one with a built in SD card slot, but I hardly use it (the memory slot and the laptop).

Looking at images of a regular SD card now, I can see how this may be failing. There is a little tab that you have to push down to write protect the card (looking at it with the label facing you and the contact pins pointing upwards). If it’s inserted in a tightly fitting SD card slot I can imagine that little tab is moved along as you push the card in. The design of it is rather unfortunate, this would not have been an issue if the tab was to be moved away rather than towards you as you push the card in.

In any case, I’m glad you found the cause of the problem. As always, it takes knowing the cause to start solving a problem.

Happy New Year! :blush:

Thank you so much! Happy new year!