Can not un-pause the pause function

There are 4 albums, 46 songs total in those albums that are stuck on “pause”. I have not updated the firmware yet. I have 88 songs total so far in my Fuze. The other 42 songs work great, but those 46 songs I can’t seem to unpause them. I tried deleting them, but wasn’t able to get it to work. I can’t do anuthing to those songs until I un-pause them. Anyone have any ideas? 

"46 songs total in those albums that are stuck on “pause”

What do you mean by that? When you try play them nothing happens? What formats are they in? Could they be in an unsupported format, or perhaps protected files transferred improperly? I would think the player would just skip them if they are protected songs transferred in msc mode or in some other improper way? I don’t use protected music though so I can’t say for sure. Perhaps they could be corrupted or ripped improperly? You need to compare these songs with the ones that do play properly to see how they differ. I have no idea what types of files you are dealing with. Could these fsongs that don’t play be AAC songs or some other format from Apple that isn’t compatible with the Fuze?