can not record from the radio

this is the second player that I buy
in the previous. it had two important functions for me
1 . I could record from the radio and now I do not
2. if I went out with listening to music and then came back it was an opportunity to return to auditions from the place where I stopped. and now I have to start auditioning from the beginning of the file.
how can you help me. can I have the ability to update the software? now I have version 1.12

Thank you

this player does not support recording support recording the radio. 

the player does support resume if you are listening to a file and pause it then turn the player off when you turn it back on it will be in the same place in that file and you can resume playing. If you are stopping the file and using other functions of the player the resume point is not saved.

Yes . Yes everything is correct. and this is extremely inconvenient (if for example you use the file for 2 hours). in the previous my device (also sandisk), even after a complete shutdown and then on, it was possible to return to the stopped point. can you know which of the Sandysk devices supports this function?

thank you in advance

you can put the file in the audiobook or podcast folder and you will get that functionality. all the current players have this same functionality. 


Just bought a Clip Jam and assumed that it would record off of the radio and am disappointed that it does not.  Does anyone know which current SanDisk device is able to record radio?  Thank you.