can not format a 2 gig flash drive

ive tryed to format my flash drive it is not allowing it ans i can not reinstall the software to fix anything that may be wrong please help

Without know any details of how you attempted to format it or anything else, no one can really give you any suggestions.

ive tried to right click and reformat with windows and use U3 soft ware but it will not install correctly and says i need to format the device and plug it back in 

you can use the chkdsk utility of windows if you’re using a microsoft operating system. Just to verify if your device is working or not. If this won’t work, you can use a partition recovery or even disk tools included in the Hiren’s BootCD utility. It is a compilation of all troubleshooting devices, and operating systems usually used by IT experts to troubleshoot things pertaining to IT including computers, network devices, etc. There are Format tools there that can help.

If you had used all the freeware products included in this bootcd, better contact the service center of your product so that they can assist you to your problem. But take note, the utilities present in Hiren’s utility are very reliable. You can even recovered missing data to your corrupted drive.

 Hiren’s BootCD utility - fully of WAREZ and hacked apps.  Use at your own risk.

You can contact them removed  for good options.

The SanDisk support # is 866-SANDISK (726-3475)

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