Can not able to hear songs ---Sansa m 230


   I bought Sansa m 230.Initially I was not able to delete old music files so I formated the disk by right clicking on the Sansa icon.Now I m not able to hear the songs but can download the new ones.Can any one solve the problem on

1)how to delete old songs

2)how to hear the new ones.

Is there any specific software for these operations?If so where do I get it?

I got a user manual CD but when I open it it is regularly prompting me to install windows media player though I’ve already installed it.Please help me:womansad:

Message Edited by Divya on 08-05-2007 11:24 PM

  1. deleting files depends on your prefrece. #10 or 11 should help you on this page.
  2. What do you mean by this, how to play files at all, or specifically new ones? There is no option to play ONLY files that were JUST added. not a bad idea though, could be a suggestion.