Can non-standard characters or very long song titles cause problems with playlists?

Hi folks. I finally found how to create a playlist that works (thanks to Playlist Creator 3.5) but some songs do not get loaded. I mean, if I open the m3u file in a text editor I see them just fine, but when I call up the playlist on the Fuze, some songs are there but some are not. In one case the missing song had a very long title, and in another the title contained an umlaut. Could these things be causing the problem?

BTW, it’d be nice to get a sticky post in this forum on creating playlists.

Yes, and there are probably too many ways to create playlists and variables for 1 sticky post to satisfy everyone. WMP, MTP, MSC, .pla, .m3u, sync or drag & drop. It goes on & on. There are 2 playlist posts in the FAQ in the e200 series board, though. These procedures should work with the Fuze as well.

use utf-8 for non-standard characters, but the playlist extension should still be m3u, not m3u8.

Use the tool Playlistgenerator from It generates playlist with UTF-8 encoding. It is really a simple tool and it is free.