Can my personal photo's be set to music?

I just had a Zen Micro Photo that died on me and I am considering the Sansa Fuze 8GB as it’s replacement. Something I liked about the Zen is that you could display your own pics while the music was playing. I have an extensive collection of avatars that I would like to load onto the player and possibly use as a slideshow while my music is playing. Is this possible to do on this player?

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Yes indeed!

You can navigate through your photos with any mosic or podcast file actively playing on the Fuze.  I do this on the e280v2 as well.  There is a “slideshow mode” if you wish, with selectable display time preference.  Changing from manual mode to “slideshow” is a simple click.

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Thanks for responding Bob, so let’s say I am listening all day my photo’s will be running on the screen as long as I am listening? Or is it for a limited amount of time?

With the Fuze, the screen illumination timeout can be set to maximum when viewing manually, or the slideshow mode can be set to “loop”.  The maximum length of individual photo display is 30 seconds, I believe.

For the music, while in “slideshow” mode, you can either use the current song, or a playlist generated directly from the device, called the “Go List”.

Of course, having the display active for too long consumes battery power much faster than simply playing music.  The Fuze will play video (note that video requires considerably more processor activity than music!) for 5 hours or more, perhaps 7 (I haven’t tried it out, as my eyeballs will need a massage therapy session on that one!).

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Based on this info you provided me assuring me that I can use my personal photo’s with my music I am going to be purchasing the Sansa Fuze. Great deal for it on too. Yay.

I’m sure you’ll like it.  This wee beastie is very thin too.  The screen orientation as “landscape” makes it ideal for those who wish to view photos and video.

The additional MicroSDHC capability is a major plus as well!

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