can i use this as my charger? link inside

can i use this with my usb to charge clip+

thanks :wink:

lol, i have fogotten link

The item description doesn’t list the voltage and amperage.  For the Clips, you want 5V., and around 350 (500 is better) mA or greater (for the amperage, the Clips will just use what they need, and so there is no issue–as distinct from voltage–with a higher amp rating). 

However, one of the product comments says that the product is rated at 5V and 1A, which is just fine for the Clips–assuming the comment is correct and that’s what the charger is. 

If you order it, I’d check out the charger’s power ratings, usually listed on a charger, when you get it, to make sure it is fine for the Clip.