Can I skip songs in streaming radio?

Just got a connect - like it so far, but so far I haven’t been able to skip through songs when listening to streaming radio, which is possible on a PC.  That’s a big downer because I don’t really want to sit through songs I don’t like - and I don’t like a lot of them…

Ah, nevermind - a quick search answered that question.  No skipping in free accounts.  That’s actually pretty annoying.  Sandisk really needs to release a new player compatible with Shoutcasts and other free radio.

I can skip songs no problem.  I do have a pay account, which also allows me to  have songs and mixes downloaded at the push of a button.  In my opinion, the pay account is VERY worth it.  You might want to give it a try.

Launchcast Plus is only $2.99/month if you buy a full year ($3.99/month otherwise).  Definitely worth it in my opinion.  The audio quality is better, too.