Can I see lyrics on Fuze?

If My ID3 tags contains lyrics-is it possible to see them with fuze?

Lyric support isn’t available on the Fuze at this point.

Think on the bright side, with earbuds on, you can’t get good feedback on how your own voice sounds with the world’s smallest Karaoke machine.

There would be cats hissing, and dogs howling, if I tried my hand at Karaoke.  If I try it, that should go on YouTube.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

didnt get the “karaoke” thing,

but - are you in touch with Fuze’s  developers?

do you forward to them the feedbacks?

couse lyrics support is very important-

so if you can ask them to add it in the next firmware-it would be great :smileyvery-happy:

I was referring to the synchronized lyrics display, which is possible.  Are you interested in lyrics as a single list, or matching up with the song playback?

Coincidentally, my little daughters often sing with the volume turned high enough that they aren’t getting their pitch correct (they apparently can’t hear themselves).

Currently, the Sansas support artist notes via Rhapsody tracks; these are album / artist notes that are accessible by pressing the center button in sequence.

Have you run into files with embedded lyric data?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Well, as bob stated, the lyrics deal isn’t supported yet on the fuze, although, i’ve done some fun messing around and found, that you can take the info synced with rhapsody songs, and modify them, so its no longer the info of the artist, but lyrics instead. I’ll see if i can get a vid made, and upload it somewhere with the end result. Again tho, this isn’t a supported thing so… yeah…

i have songs with lyrics in their ID3 TAGS (there is a field called “lyrics”)

i want to scroll through the lyrics while listening.


Lyrics would be cool but you will only get the Artist, Album Title and Song Title.

Lyrcis woud be a nice idea for the next FW update.
They dont need to be synchronised.

Its just nice to know the text of the song, when the singer is mumbling ;]

Reading of a text file from the album folder would be enought. Reading of text embedded in the music file could be more complilcated.

both of this possiblities are good engouth,though, adding both of them would be the best

In answer to the question above, unfortunatly again at this time, the Lyric ability via ID3 is unavailable. The only work around I’ve found is through the Rhapsody songs, altering their artist info