Can I recover these deleted photos on my SD card?


I took some new photos before I realized my mistake, but I didn’t entirely fill the card with new photos. Is it possible that the old deleted photos weren’t overwritten? How can I know if they were?

Thank you.

If you stopped using the SD card when you realized the mistake, the deleted photos would not be overwritten. Don’t use it anymore before you find a way to recover these deleted photos.

Of course,you can recover them with the help of data recover program.Mobikin Doctor for Android,which can scan the deleletd photo automatically.And then you can recover your deleted photos on computer.

  If you have got your photos deleted from your SD card then, you can use the internal hard disk space to save the recovered SD card images and video files. 1.     Press on the ‘Recover Photo, Audio, and Video’ option from the home screen.

  1. Afterwards select the problem drive to restore lost data.
  2. Click on to ‘Scan Now’ after selecting your problem
  3. Choose your problem SD card or memory card and click on ‘ Scan Now ’. You will be able to locate successive problem drive status(raw or healthy status) just get a clear view of number of files retrieved.

For more information follow the below link:

How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card In Easy Way

If you want to recover deleted photos from your memory card then there are several methods available. Few of them are given below, try them out one by one torecover deleted photos from Micro SD card:

1: Change SD Card Drive Letter Name

2: Try CHKDSK Command Prompt

3: Re-Install Card Reader Driver

4: Repair Undetected or Unrecognized SD Card With CMD

5: Use Disk Management to Format SD Card

 6: Format SD Card to NTFS

7: Use Micro SD Card Recovery Tool

Hi Sofia,

Of course, you can recover deleted photos from memory card. Well, this situation is really depressible for all of us, but don’t you need to worry about, I will suggest you an effective way through which you can recover your lost photos. You can try out the below given way:-

Method #1:-Format your memory card using disk management

  • Connect your corrupted memory card to your PC.
  • Now, on your PC, go to the start option and right click on ‘My computer’ and then you need to to select ‘manage’.
  • Then, click on disk management, which is on the left side
  • Right click on memory card and then hit on ‘Format’
  • Just perform a quick format now.

Hopefully, this method can help you to retrieve your lost photos.

It is possible to recover these deleted photos as long as you stop using the SD card and do not write new photos anymore.

Then, I suggest you to use some photo recovery tools to retrieve the deleted photos.

Various recovery tools can do photo recovery from SD card, such as Bitwar, Stellar, Recoverit, etc. Some are paid, and some are free of charge.

Maybe you can try one of them.

If you accidentally delete images from your camera’s memory card, you do not have to worry! Stillbon Photo Recovery Software will help you to restore them through a simple process. This software very simplest to the most professional, you will necessarily find a mounting solution that is suitable for your use.

A lot this all comes down to how much of the card was used with the old pictures, and how much in the way of space was used by the new pictures. 

If it was a 32GB card, for instance, and you only had around 20GB used, and you shot and saved 15 GB of new…then you should be able to recover _some_of the old pictures. Doing the math, some of the original was overwritten by the new. 

Try running SanDisk RescuePRO and have it scan the card. It will show you thumbnails of what is recoverable.

Just as a reminder, take the card out of the device and set it aside - anything that writes to that card will complicate any chance of recovery. You should have some luck with this software and its free: