Can I prepare a music card for the Fuze on an SD card reader/writer?

I want to distribute my music on SD cards for the Sandisk players. I have a Fuze+. I also have an ipgear reader/writer. I want to drag my music folders with .wav files in them from an external drive to the iogear writer and play them in the Fuze+ I am able to do this with the exception that I just end up with a list of songs instead of the Windows folder index. Is there a way to pre record the chip with the writer, or do I have to create a folder and do the recording on the Fuze+ which seems to be slower? Thanks for the help!

I’m not familiar with an ipgear reader/writer, but I think you’re making this more complicated than it is. You can use a standard card reader, or use the Fuze+ itself with an SD card inserted. If using the Fuze+, it’s generally better to have the USB mode set to MSC.

Now, whether you’re using the Fuze+ or a card reader, simply drag your files over to it in Windows Explorer. Note though, that.wav files take up a lot of room; you may want to consider .flac for the same sound quality, but in a smaller file size.