Can I play/shuffle all *except* one genre ?

I’ve been enjoying my new Clip+ and I want to put some of my children’s music on there, but I want to keep it separate from mine somehow.  So if I want to put all my music on shuffle, I won’t get my kids’ music creeping in all the time

I was thinking I could use the genre tag, which I’m currently not using.  I could tag all my kid’s music as “kids” genre, and just leave all mine as no genre (blank).  Then maybe there’s a way to make a playlist that is all your music *except* a certain condition.  But I don’t know much about playlists and I just skimmed the manual and it doesn’t seem like this playlists can do this.

The only thing I can think of is to also tag all my music as “mine” and then just go into that genre and play all.  However it seems like a lot of extra tagging of nearly every song on my player (and I’ve read that tagging takes up significant memory and can reduce the amount of storage you have for music).  Plus this would mean I couldn’t use the genre tag at all otherwise.

So I"m wondering if there’s a cleaner way to exclude a certain genre from an otherwise global shuffle?

Or if there’s any other way to accomplish what I’m trying to do, please let me know.

many thanks

gary in vermont

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You could always get a/another sd card just for kids music.

Audiobooks and podcasts are excluded from the music shuffle, you could try tagging the kids songs as that.

Otherwise I agree that the genre tag is a good way to go.

thanks for the reply.  I swear I read somewhere it’s possible to make a playlist that excludes (skips) certain elements instead of includes… but I can’t find anything on this now.

I guess ultimately the kids SD card is the way to go.  I just thought it would be nice to have everything in one place and the 24GB I have on my wife’s Clip+ is more than enough for her music and the kids.

Depending on the software you use to create your playlists, I would think you could exclude the “Kids” genre, or you could only include those with a blank genere.


It would probably struggle on a playlist that size though.  I had playlists with ~400 files - the player would hang for a while whenever it had to show the tracks (ie when I first went into the playlist and when I click return to music list), which is why I started playing around with the genre tag myself.