Can I get electrocuted by the Sansa?

Here’s the deal. I had a Sansa 200 for the last 3 years, loved it, unfortunately broke it, bought a Fuze a couple of days later. I have a charging adapter (you know the ones where you put the USB in and it becomes the adapter). I connected it to charge and I felt a strange vibration on the back… like a slight vibration… like a touchscreen phone response. At first I thought it was my finger against the texture on the back that was creating some vibrations but when I disconnected it from the adapter and it didn’t happen. At that time I thought I was crazy for thinking it could have something to do with the electricity.

Now there was the second charging and this time I connected it to the adapter and put it on top of my PC’s metal case and was reading a book on the other side of the room. After some time I wanted to check my emails but the PC was turned off… I thought  it was super strange that I wouldn’t remember if I turned if off. I checked the Sansa and it was still charging, this time I put it on the desk next to the PC. After half an hour I heard the PC beep as it does when it’s turned on. It said something about Windows not being ran down correctly. At this stage I really thought it had to do something with the Sansa.

Is it really possible that it’s messed up and it is dangerous? Please share your thoughts about how I can better test this and if I should return it.


What is the output of the adapter? Is it a USB port that you are plugging your Sansa cord into?

Because it you are using an iPod charger and connector you could fry the Fuze quite effectively.

I would definitely be supect of that charger. Some of the ‘el cheapo’ ones out of China that don’t have the UL certification have been even known to catch fire.

I’d spend a few bucks on a new one to be on the safe side.