Can I fix the plastic screen of my e260R?? heeeeelp

I had damaged the plastic screen that protects the screen, so i want to to know if that can be fixed because that makes me feel so mad

If you cracked or otherwise damaged the outside cover of the player and not the LCD underneath, then it’s a simple matter to replace it. 4 screws in the back; remove the battery (just like a cellphone) and 4 more screws and the front will come off.

That’s the simple part . . . now where do you get a replacement cover? There aren’t any “parts” per say sold by SanDisk or anybody else. Your only course of action is to buy a “bricked” or otherwise “AS-IS” player from someone on E-Bay. The good news is there’s quite a few choices. The bad news is although the bidding usually starts very low, sometimes it can go up quite a bit, even on a dead unit. And the sellers try to compensate and cut their losses by charging pretty outrageous shipping charges. I saw a listing yesterday for 2 dead e260 units; no USB cables, no earphones, no nothing except the 2 dead units. They sold for $2.25 . . . pretty good, except the seller was charging over 11 bucks for shipping! Give me a major break! It MIGHT have cost $3 for postage and another .50 to $1 for a padded envelope; but 11 BUCKS???

Also you can’t really SEE any scratches on the screen or cover in those little photos on E-Bay. And of course, sometimes they use “stock” photos, not the “actual” unit. So you have to rely on the seller’s description. You can, of course e-mail the seller and ask him questions about it before bidding on it (if you have time).

All in all though, it beats buying a whole new player, so watch & bid carefully. This isn’t something that you’ll be able to fix tomorrow. Sometimes it takes a while to find “just the right one” to bid on, and there’s no guarantee you’ll win it. So patience & diligence are definitely needed virtues!

One more thing . . . you don’t necessarily have to get one of the exact same model as yours. All the Sansa e200 series are basically the same case; it’s just the memory chip inside that determines the model and the storage capacity. So you could shop for any “bricked” Sansa e200 series, not just an e260®. I know there’s a lot of e250’s out there and the smaller you go (e280 > e270 > e260 > e250 etc.) the cheaper they are on E-Bay.

At least you don’t have a CLIP or a FUZE and you CAN take it apart. If you damge one of those, you’re S.O.L! 

Good Luck & let us know how it turns out. :smiley: