Can I encrypt Clip+ with TrueCrypt?

All my music is on a MicroSD card, can I make an encrypted partition on the player to use for storage?

Will it still function as a player? All the system files will be left untouched.

Will the encrypted partition be deleted if a new firmware is released and I update?

Thanks for any help.

I don’t know about the former questions–interesting.

As to the latter, I’m thinking that a firmware upgrade won’t affect the encrypted info., as it does not affect content files.  But I don’t know how TrueCrypt works–you may want to experiment on your 2 issues (it should be easy and quick enough). 

The firmware resides in memory only during the update process, then it is swapped into the reserved partition.  This is about 16MB in size, very compact.

You can most definitely store other data on the device, as long as your media (music)  isn’t encrypted, of course.  The player needs to see the music files.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I wouldn’t touch the partition(s), the player may not like it and Windows (at least older versions) doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of multiple partitions on removable disks either.

But Truecrypt also supports using container files in existing file systems, that should work perfectly fine.