Can I disable Recently Played Mode?

After being very happy with my Sansa Fuze, I went and bought a Fuze+ for my wife (since the Fuze is no longer available).  She usually listens to music on random mode, but when she turns the player on again and hits ‘play’, she gets dumped into the Recently Played mode, which only plays the last 10 songs.  I understand that some people may like this, but this seems *idiotic*.  Is there a way to disable this?

The Fuze would just pick up on the random shuffle of ALL SONGS where it left off when you turn it on and hit ‘play’.  *THIS* is the functionality I want - is there a way to get the Fuze+ to do this?


I wish I knew how to do that, too.

These threads/posts should shed some light on this issue:

Hmmm… I’d just like to be able to disable the "last 10 songs played’ feature so that it never did it again. Ever!

You can’t disable it. You just need to remember to tap the center instead of the back button.

If you hate it that much (I can’t say I blame you if you do!), you could try installing Rockbox. It’s a completely different firmware devoloped by mp3 player users for mp3 player users. Please note, it’s still under development, meaning it’s a little glitchy. However, I’ve found that it work much more reliably than the Sansa firmware. Also, it supports dual-booting, meaning that you can use both firmares if you want.

For more info on installing it, see the port wiki page on there website. There’s instructions on removing it, as well.