Can I change what tag information is showed?

I have gone through all of my MP3’s carefully and left on the tags just some basic information like song title, length and so on. I did the tag editing in MediaMonkey, but one tag it did not give me an option to change was for the rating. I had to either give it up to 5 stars or just put unknown, so I left them all at unknown. But when I’m playing back files in the SanDisk I see that “Unknown” for every song. Is there any way to change what tag information my Clip is showing?

The ‘ratings’ displayed by Sansa mp3 players aren’t stored in the ID3 tags. You have to tag them one-by-one on the player itself, and then most likely all this will be deleted when the firmware is updated, the unit is formatted, or the Moon is in the 7th House and Jupiter aligns with Mars.

That’s why most people don’t bother with it. It’s pretty musch a useless feature.