Can anyone recommend an external hard drive for regular backup purposes?

I have an older Western Digital My Book Premium 320 that I got for this but the software/interface really is poor.  What I need is a drive which automatically perfoms a backup.  I need the backup to be an exact copy of the selected folders on my hard drive.  This particular drive will do an incramental (backing up only those items which have changed) or a complete backup (but will not remove previous weekly backups- so I max the drive out in a few weeks).  Plus the DE drive just is funky with respect to Windows recognizing the drive after a re-boot, and the way it is supposed to display remaining memory with it’s swirling blue light.  (it doesnt’).

I’d like to get a complete copy of My Documents and My Pictures every week, have two weeks on hand, and all older versions automatically over-written. Can anyone recommend a drive which has easy to understand and flexible backup options? It would be really good to have the “one button backup” option too.


As I think you noted, your hard drive is just fine–you just need software that fits you better, perhaps.  (And if you decide you need a drive regardless and you are in the U.S., there are lots on sale starting this weekend with Black Friday.  You can check out Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Newegg, Radio Shack, Staples, etc.)

Personally, I like Norton Ghost for backups, but it has a learning curve.  (It not infrequently is available as part of a package of Norton software, free or lower cost after rebate.)  You might want to check out on Black Friday–Fry’s has a tradition of lots of software free after rebate around Black Friday, including Norton products. 

You also might want to check out freeware from Paragon Software and from Easeus.


I don’t know why I just assumed that the linked sftware for the WD drive was required.  Of course i can just ignore their crappy software and find my own.  Will check out your suggestions, thanks.

Also, you might want to check and see if your computer’s operating system comes with backup software (such as with flavors of Windows 7).  You should be able to find something you like at no or low cost.  Good luck!

And as mentioned above, a package of Norton software, including its backup utility Ghost–free after rebates (2, one a competitive rebate for any other Norton or competitor software); free ship.