Can a document be retrieved from the flash drive?

As I was typing  some new information into a document I have been working on for months, it suddenly disappeared. I had over

36,000KB saved. I did not delete it. Now I cannot find it, but the name of the file is still there with blank pages! All my hard work is gone! what could have happened. Can I retrieve it somehow?

Sometimes, depending on the app, an Edit Undo works at reversing a bad change.

Are you looking for your document with the app you use to created it or with Windows Explorer?  Usually an app will reference the last time a file was used, but if the file is on a USB drive the drive letter assigned to the USB drive can change which will confuse the app. 

And of course having a backup on a different drive helps a lot. :wink:

if the document is that important, dont use this card for anything else. take it to your local data recovery company, and let them have a look. Most likely what happened is your USB flash drive lost connection while you were working on the doc, and that could currupt the file. Maybe on hex level data is still there, hard to say what has happened.