Cache Write USB 3.0 Flashdrive

Recently I bought Ultra Flair 3.0 32 GB

After copy some large file to the flashdrive (ex. movie/video) then I realized that the flashdrive use some of cache tecnique to increase write speed (about 70+ MB/s)

After the cache filled out (about 1 GB) then the speed drop to just about 19 MB/s

Maybe that is explain why the available memory is slighty smaller (CMIIW)

Also I already have Extreme 3.0 16 GB (first model) before, that not using cache, so the speed is stable, about 55 MB/s.

So my question is, is there any flashdrive that not using cache write (except Extreme series)?

or all cheap flashdrive use this tecnique to increase write speed to the slower flash memory (just about 20 MB/s write)?

i had no real problem with Extreme series despite the bulky size that somewhat get in the way when I wanna use it in my laptop that sit on narrow table/surrounding room available, so i must re-place my laptop position.

*** I’m so sorry if my english is bad

Screenshot (42).png