Cache reset when waking from sleep or random cache reset please read

Current behavior from my new replacement drive, no full resets, but it seems like prefer dropping back to ~24GB from time to time.  I’m not sure why because it really doesn’t get much past 27GB.

its still like that after more use, i guess its fine, my guess is that it has to keep about that much empty because of write amplification and no over provisioning because its based on a cheaper drive.

Well after a week of testing the new unit, no resets, even on reboot, so if your unit constantly resets even while in use, its hardware failure. Now it works flawlessly go figure.

Both of mine have been running without  reset for over a month now.    I think the varying cache fill we observe is normal operation.

Let’s say I load an application and do some work – those LBA’s rise in access count. perhaps crossing the current caching threshold.   Including them may bring the total cached LBA count up to an 80+% cache fill, at which point the “I’m getting close to full” algorithm will raise the access criteria to be cached, resulting in a reduction of LBA’s cached.    I think this kind of “hysteresis loop” is a normal result of a cache using  integers for read counts.  E.G., going from 50 reads to 51 reads will move some number of LBA’s out of the cache – but then if you go below some percentage, you want to lower your criteria (again by an integer) to keep the cache as full as possible, and some number of LBA’s come in to the cache.   And all this changes constantly with what files we are using day to day.

A variation in fill percentage is the cost of having all the work done for us by algorithms while we watch TV :laughing: .   If we are willing to go to the trouble and expense of moving all the operating system files (or all files) to an SSD, we can get even better performance.  I personally like the tradeoff of minimal effort on my part for a noticable performance increase and extended hard drive life.

Anyone else submit the logs beside me?

Any progress?

ReadyCache is unusable, gets up to about 2 GB then resets to 0.07 when only running the readycache monitor. when with has cacheed some, apps launch very fast, when the cache resets the system is much slower than running without the SSD installed.

I had these problems on Windows 7, butnow I am on Windows 10 and reinstalled the Express Cache Software

What I am facing now is that after 2 reboots the cache resets. So the drive gets to fill around 7 GB and then the cache resets after a restart. The system gets slow after that.

I am creating a systeminfo log and submit it