cable with inline controls?

Does anyone know if there is a cable for the Fuze with inline controls? I use my fuze for skiing with a helmet that has built in headphones. It would be nice if I had a cable with controls for not just volume but also to skip tracks forward and backward and also pause. I has a generic headphone cable with volume and mute button but I still have to pull the fuze out to change songs.

Any help or links would be greatly appreciated.


The fruit-base player is the only one I know of that has this. It’s incorporated into the earphone cord. While convenient, it nonetheless inhibits you from upgrading the phones to something that vaguely resembles sound quality.

But there are docks that do this for the fuze right?

Perhaps I’ll have to try cannibalizing one of those. I would actually need a headphone plug on the end instead of the actual phones anyway so I can plug it into my helmet’s jack.

I had read about these docks or base stations in this very forum but now that I’m actually trying to find one I’m beginning to think they are only things of myth. I really like the Sansa players but the total lack of accessories (other than the generic, plug into the headphone jack type things) is astounding. Why on earth does it have a fancy proprietary plug if not for external accessories? Surely not just so I have to have a special cable to charge it.

It’s almost enough to turn me to the dark side… 

By the dark side, I assume you mean Apple? So you can deal with a whole bunch of other BS issues just so you can have a remote? Here’s a tip: Create a playlist on your way to the slopes. Then you don’t need to F-FWD.

Have some fun, and try to use that winky Shuffle headset if you can find a friend with one.  No, not on the Fuze!  The Apple device sends data down the cable that cannot be used by the Sansa.

Once you try that crazy thing, you’ll understand what a kludge it is.  Disappointing, too small.  Impossible with gloves on, much less while moving.

The hot ticket is to select a playlist and enjoy the music.  Build a few cool playlists beforehand, and go that route.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

The solution I came up with was to just get a clip+. It’s small and cheap enough to clip to the outside and just use it’s controls. The buttons are a bit small for ski gloves and doable as long as you don’t mind pushing the wrong thing once in a while which isn’t really a big deal. Now I, along with many other clip owners apparently, just wish there was a way to display the clock…