c250 not recognized !!!!!!!!!!

My computer does not see the Sansa c250.

It says “device no recognized”.
Device manager shows it as a Mass Storage but say “device could not start”
Sansa Media Converter does not show it either.
The instructions say there’s supposed to be a “USB” setting under “Settings” but there is not.

I’ve looked at other posts and I’ve seen this…

Turn on the hold switch
Hold the Rewind button
Plug the player in to the computer

What is the “hold switch”??? Is that the pause button?

I’m getting extreamely mad… to the point where I want my money back, plus the last 3 hours of my life messing with this. But any help would really be apprecated.

**“Turn on, into lock, then hold rewind, and plug it”

Thats seemed to work… it should be in the instruction… right under “stand on you head at the same time”.**

Tried this and still does not connected.  Is there more to it?

I’ve loaded drivers and all.

Does the scandisk site explain this some where?


see my post in “UNKNOWN ALBUM” problem or reed some of the last posts in DO NOT DOWNLOAD LAST FIRMWARE UPGRADE!!!

Thanks so much!!! I have used your instructions and they worked for me ( “Turn on, into lock, then hold rewind, and plug it” ).

In my case, the Sansa C250 was visible in one of my laptops but it was not visible in the one laptop where I have my music. At first I thought there was some sort of conflict with the anti-virus and other protection software I have on that particular computer…after many hours of trying things and not finding anything wrong, I gave up and googled the issue to find this site. I would have never thought of following that particular sequence of events. Why would not they publish this tip on the manual???