C250 MP3 calls my music "Unknown"

I have ripped a CD sermon into “My Music” and given it a name.  When I move it on to my MP3 player, I can find it there and play it, but it is called “Unknown”.  When I follow the instructions to name it (right clicking on Properties, etc.) they don’t work.  I can’t name it, and I want to put more on the MP3 player.  Please tell me what to do.  Thanks

You need to edit your ID3 tags with an app.

Please tell me how to edit my ID3 tags with an app.


You can use Windows Media Player, Winamp, or MediaMonkey.

In Media Monkey under the Music Explorer Tree you will see:

‘Now Playing’, ‘library’, ‘Playlists’

Expand ‘Playlist’ click on ‘Accessible Tracks’ your tracks should now appear on the right side(if you have scan them into the MM library - which you have to). Right click on a song - click on ‘properties’ and edit the info in the ‘basic’ tab.


just go to your ‘My Music’ directory right click on a song - click ‘properties’, click on the ‘summary’ tab and edit the info
(you put the above in your first post)
(so it looks like you have to do the thing below - synchronize)

However you edit the info; you should ‘synchronize’ with your C250 and not just move the song(s) on to the player.

You might find this helpful also for ‘synchronize’.


And because you WILL be making playlistS, so get the answers now :slight_smile: see this:


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