C250: Menu Colors


I just bought a C250 and quite enjoy it overall.  The only problem I have with it is the menu colors, especially the small arrow that indicates which option is active.  Light Cyan on a White background is very hard for me to see, and a tiny cyan arrow even more so.   This is more or less the color I see.  Is there any way to change the menu colors to a more distinguishable set?  Maybe Dark Blue on White, or even Black on White?

I have tried adjusting the brightness, but this affects both colors equally, so they still look too similar to each other.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I don’t have a c200 but with my e200 I can ajust the contrast.  I don’t think changing the color of the menu is an option.

There is no Contrast option, only Brightness and Backlight.  Good thought though. 

I have discovered that the visible color darkens if I view the player from an angle.  If I tilt the player about 30 degrees down, it appears this color.  That helps a lot, but changing the color or contrast level would be a lot better.

you might want to post this in product feature suggestions

This is exactly the issue I was searching for in the forums.  Too bad there isn’t a fix.  The screen colors are my only complaint with the otherwise excellent C250.

I’m not sure what you mean by seeing the light cyan on white. On mine, I have medium blue on light cyan, and I can see it just fine.

I wish those were my menu colors.  I even tried updating to the latest firmware version hoping to get a little more control.  I have submitted the idea of additional menu color options as a feature enhancement.  Maybe someday it will be an option.

@isismollyo wrote:

I’m not sure what you mean by seeing the light cyan on white. On mine, I have medium blue on light cyan, and I can see it just fine.

Please see my posts, #1 and #3 in this thread.  My C250 has a white background, as this forum does in the view I get.  In each of those two posts I have colored some of the text the same color that the text appears on my C250.  This should be illustrative of the viewing problem I’m having.

If you know of any way for me to darken the colors to the medium blue on cyan that you are seeing, please pass that along.  I have tried ‘brightness’, the only screen adjustment that I can find.  However, it brightens and darkens both colors equally, keeping the same level of illegibility at any level.

I still enjoy my player though, I just don’t use the menu to pick songs with if I can.

try a firmware update?

A firmware update was the 1st thing I tried and it did not affect the display or give me any additional options.

what is the actual fw version ?

FW version is 01.01.00P.

I also have 01.01.00P

I tried to start the firmware upgrade check, but I can’t seem to figure out how to start it manually.  I know I saw it come up once, the first time I connected my player, and I thought I had selected a North America region firmware.  Is this still the Pacific region firmware?  Is that part of the problem somehow?

I am almost certain that when I first checked my player the fw version was 01.01.00A and I had the same menu colors as I do now following the update to 01.01.00P.

I am hoping that my feature suggestion leads to an enhancement with the next firmware release.