C250 lists 291 but no tracks exist on the disc

My device shows it contains 291 songs with complete track info. But the actual music files don’t exist on the drive.
When I connect the device to my PC I can not get any programs to show any files with the track info, therefore I can’t delete them.
It’s like my device is full of ghosts that no one else can see.

I can add real music that “everyone” can “see.”

It’s really annoying b/c when I use the player I can’t tell the ghosts from the real songs. Neither can the device at first. If I click on a listed track that doesn’t really exist, it tries to play it but then keeps searching through the library till it finds any real music file.

How can I fix this?

If the only answer is to reformat, please tell me how.

Sorry, I can’t locate my “original paperwork” that came with the device

Did you use a Mac to transfer the songs? It creates these ‘ghost’ files. Format your player (which will erase everything), then re-load using KopyMac.