C250 froze up in record

My wife came back from walking and presented me with the C250 I just bought her and said, it is stuck in record and I did not select record.  I have tried to get the sucker out of the record mode with no luck.  I turned it off, removed the battery and went into the record folder and cleaned out some files I saved while trying to unfreeze  it.  
If I knew how I would format it and reload the music and start over.
I have explaned the hold button to my wife and if I ever get this sucker operating again she will not accidently press the worng button.

Try to format from the PC.  Set the hold switch and press and hold the <<  (REW)  key and connect to USB while holding the key.

THe PC should find the C250.  you should use windows explorer,  right click the device and select FORMAT.

Format as FAT.

UNplug the device unlock the  lock switch.

In the settings menu,  select Format  ( to use the devices FOrmat command).

THe  player should now be completely reset.

Thanks.  I talked to technical person and she cleared up my problem for me.  I was not pressing correct buttons (down and menu button) after powering up the player.  In fact, Sansa should allow a person such as that lady to write the user guide.