c250 and Subscription Service problem


I just got a C250 and it had a Bestbuy Rhapsody trial. I installed it and I didn’t used it until a few days ago. I started dumping MP3s that I owned and the player didn’t have any problems. Now I started transfering Subscription music files from Rhapsody and I noticed that sometimes these songs don’t play or hang up and freezes, skipping to the next track. The firmware I got is the 01.00.04A

How can I fix this?

If the Rhapsody tracks are giving you trouble you may need to reload the licenses for the songs.  Normally to do that you’d just plug the device in to the computer, open Rhapsody, and sign in to your account.

You could benefit from formatting your player, updating the firmware, and then reloading the music.  It’s always a good idea to have the most up-to-date firmware on the device.

I should have been a little clear on my last post. I know about the license on those Rhapsody track, no the problem started right after downloading them. But I did follow your suggestion and did update the firmware, but I didn’t format the drive. So far the tracks have been working great. I haven’t had a single skip. It works great! I just love this player!

Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

My new c250 has had the same problem with Rhapsody songs.  I just updated the firmware and (to my son’s dismay), formatted the unit.  Now, I have to reload it for him and we will try it again. I know it should not be this hard.  I own a clip, an e250 and an m240 and they all work better.