c240 micro card

I upgraded firmware, and now there is no “USB” under settings where I can change format.

Also, I can see Sansa in Explorer, and the 258mb MicroSD card I just happened to have. I can drag & drop to the internal memory, but NOT to the memory card. I formated it FAT32.

Thanks. Your help will determine whether I keep this thing or not.

I have not upgraded to the new firmware, but I’ve never a problem accessing the device by drag and drop while it’s in Auto Detect mode.  Windows tells me that the files have “certain properties that are outside device parameters…” and I should use a conversion program or they might not display in the device interface, but it’s lying.  It works just fine. 

oh, the card.  When I needed to re-format my card recently (a different program fouled it up) I noticed that it was formatted as FAT, not FAT32.  Maybe that’s the problem? 

Thanks. Actually, I got this one figured out. If I put the micro card in the adapter, and in my computer’s card reader, than I can do anything I want to it; drap & drop, add, delete, format, etc. This works for me (for now)…

yea, I’ve used a reader with my card, as well.  It’s how I figured out at one point that my card got completely bugged and had to be re-formatted (happens…)  Didn’t know if you had one available.  Cool.