C240 FM radio stopped working

I own a C240 since March 2009 and it always worked fine. Last week, however,  the FM radio function stopped working. All my favorite presets remain there, the station frequencies are displayed but no sound is heard. Mute function is not activated - the green “play” symbol is lit on the display. No problems with Music function; firmware version is V03.02.05A.

The reset/ format procedures were carried out via Settings menu with no results. Is there anything else I could do?


Leandro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Check your headphone connections or a different set of phones. The cord doubles as an antenna, so if it’s not receiving an adequate signal, this may affect it.

Tapeworm, thanks for replying. In fact I’ve tried on three different earphones but no FM sound could be heard… Anything else I could do?