c200 will not play (find) wav files

How can I get my c200 to see and play wav files?

The computer can play it and it sees the files on the player.

My c250 plays wav just fine.


It will not play wavs unless they are in the recordings.

So, to clarify, it only plays wav files (PCM format) that are Recorded from the radio and Not copy and paste into Recording folder?

I just tried copy and paste into Recording FM folder and it did not show up (play) on the player either.

Is my only recourse to convert wav to mp3 then load?


I think the recordings use a file naming system of its own.  You might have to convert them.

Well, I think I have answered my own question.

Basically the player will not play Compressed wav files (unrecognized format).

Once converted from wav to mp3 (make sure converter will read compressed i.e. pro version) the player reads/plays fine.

Seems uncompressed wav files (like FM and voice recordings) may play fine, just really large files - about 10X mp3 size!