I just recently purchased a C150 2gb MP3 player.

To Transfer Music the instructions say in MTP mode drag and drop MP3 files into the Media Folder.

When I connect the USB it recognizes the player, however there is no media folder on the device??

I am not interested in photos or videos, so I did not isntall the installation CD. is the cd necessay for music transfers?


the easiest way to transfer your files is using WMP (windows media player) to sync the files. check out some of these “how to” videos


If you want to Drag and Drop files using explorer make sure that the device is in the MSC mode.

This way the device is in the Mass Storage Class and it should show up in my computer as a device with removable storage. 

Then just copy music to the Music folder.

This Video Shows exacly how to copy music in MTP mode.


My one-week old Sandisk sansa C150 has decided to freeze up and require pulling the battery to power down.  Now it powers up and the menus are accessable, but I can’t play the audio files, nor add or delete files through WinXP Windows Explorer or Media Player v11.  The device is pretty useless since it will always navigate to the first file and freeze.

Is there a way to reset or restore the sansa C150?


try contacting SanDisk Technical Support for a firmware upgrade, 1.866.SanDisk. The update isnt on the website, but they may be able to send you one. If the firmware doesnt address your issues, you are more likely than not entitled to an RMA.

*RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization

hey do you know anything about the sansa Recovery Tool  i have the same model that you have but the menu un mine it’s been deleted i don’t have anything now!!

i have  my c 150 and 2 weeks ago i unplugged it of my laptop and all the menu in my sansa have disappeared. the only thing i can do is turn it on and turn it off. and when i plugged to my laptop i can’t copy music to my c 150. what can i do/? 

Please be aware, the Sansa Connect Recovery Tool is for the Sansa CONNECT only!

MrSmileyface post in this thread has the correct answer for you.

Hey Guys,

Do anybody have the Software of SanDisk Sansa C150 to install in my Computer. I lost the CD which came along with Mp3 Player.

Pls if anybody have the Software, upload it and send the Software or its link to my mail ID: thelovesaga@gmail.com.


Please send me Hot keys to open Sansa c150 in recovery mode and let me know how to use recovery tool.

Only I am able to switch on and switch off the device (Sansa c150).

Nothing is appearing on the screen. I have to restore the software in my Sansa c150.  

Please send me the details of recovery tool.



What color is the back of your c100?  Silver or black?

Install the Sansa Firmware Updater as it seems to work with the c100.  The Recovery Tool is only for the Sansa Connect.


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My sansa C 150 is hung up and wont start… and to make matter worse i dont have the driver CD that came along with it… I searched the net for the drivers but seemingly they have dissapeared into thin air…


Anyways i tried my best but cant enter any recovery mode but i did get into production testing mode… So i dont know if it is possible to get the drivers as even the official site has none…


this forum is the last resort and only hope… hope something good turns up…


Thanks you guys in advance…

This forum isn’t your last resort and only hope.  Contact SanDisk technical support.


My Sansa C150 has crashed and I cannot get into the main menu to change frm mtp to msc.  How can I access the "recovery tool?


If you read through this entire thread, you would have found that the “recovery tool” is for the Sansa Connect only.

However, you can try using the Sansa Firmware Updater.  This is mentioned only three posts before your own.

To force the player into MSC mode, put it into lock mode, then press & hold the |<< button while plugging into PC.

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Try downloading a firmware flash from wikibooks.org   Do a search for sansa c140/c150 there is a link at the bottom of the page for a .rar file.  You will need to uncompress this.

I had my C150 crash too.

Fooling around I got it to the factory test mode.

With battery removed…

Pressing the << and the>> at the same time while plugging in the USB cable.