c150 wipes clean! No menu text, no menu, lost 500 songs. Ticked!

I was simply editing titles, artist, ect. while viewing devices datas. slid the “year” column out of the way and suddenly the worst.  No menu text, no menus, no system or whatever.  All music deleted. I still get power but its onlt a back light more or less. Just dont know what I’d’v done wrong. From what I read there is no firmware available. All the simple approaches (power button trips, …While plugged to USB…, ect.) are ineffective. 1866sandisk only suggests SANSA.com which is not helping either. Loved my player for 10 months. Hard to believe it was just time to go. Mabey I dragged it through too much mud. My new VIEW8GB should keep me pacified but this poor c150 is only memorialized at the back of my desk.    good times   Help reanimate my monster. 

Hmmmm, i’ve never ever encountered this problem, if reinstalling the firmware doesn’t help, then RMA it.

Awww man, I have the same problem. Whenever i open my sansa c140 Theirs a white box with nothing on it and then It takes me too my settings or something But Every Word Is wiped Clean i dont know what happened too it.

Oh yeah Btw how do you firmware or RMA it?