C150 - Audible Manager reportin device as INCOMPATIBLE

I have recently moved to a C150 (had a DAP-1 and C100 before that)

FW rev : 2.0.007A

that is being seen by the OS (wins XP SP2) and, apparently, by the audible Manager as present


the audible manager system (current ver) is saying the device is audible incompatible

The C150 is listed as compat, and this unit even has an audible folder in the FS

I realize, in general, Sandisk support of audible files has been, shall we say, problematic – but I hope this is a minor glitch (FWIW audible compatibility is a make/break for players for me)

I was unable to find a FW revision on the website (web designers…the “Sansa” materials seem to start at the C200 series and the C100 series isn’t listed in with the older units)

please advise