I’m sitting here with the newly purchased  c140 player player hooked to the computer in the MTP mode and need to disconnect it from my computer. The pdf manual says to click on the MTP Media Player icon to disconnect the device from my computer. But there is no such icon anywhere.

What to do? How to disconnect without causing damage?



no worries as long as you are not transfering files you can just unplug it.

Thanks for the reply. I had just finished removing the tunes that came with the unit and adding some of my own. I thought it odd to find that the phone support is non-existant for the c140. You get a message directing you to the website. Oh well.

Thanks again.


Hello, my name is Paula and I am new here. First of all, forgive me for my bad english.

I bought a c140 and I´m having some problems with the audio. A week ago I cange my earphones because I supoced they were broken, but now the new ones are having the same problem. I think is the mp3; the part were you conect the earphones.

Has happened this to anyone? What can I do?

Thank you very much!!