c140 Transfering Recording from MP3 Player

I have recordings on my c140 mp3 player that I don’t know how to transfer to my computer.  I am using Rhapsody to manage this player most of the time, but I can not figure out how to get the recordings from my player onto my computer using Rhapsody.  I made the recordings on the device before I connected it to the computer.  The Rhapsody program recognizes that the songs are there, and plays them, but how do I save them from the Sansa c140 to my Library, or even just a file on my CP?

I tried using Window Media Player as well, and even though it worked for me before, it is now not even recognizing that there are songs on the c140 Mp3 Player.  That is a step bellow where I am at while using Rhapsody even.  So although it worked before it is worse than the program that the player is made to be managed with.

Is there any way to save my recordings on my computer?

Well it does not recognize the music files on my music managing programs still, but I found a way to get the files onto my computer.  They do play from the hard drive as well, on both programs, but they do not stay in their libraries.

What I did was found the Sandisc in “My Computer” file on the desktop.  Went into the c140 Sandisc and found the Record file and they were in there!  So I copied and pasted the files into my music folder and there you have it.  That’s how it goes anyhow, for now.

If anyone knows how to get them off the player using the programs please do let me know because I still think that way is best.  Thanks.