Buying a hifi or speakers for a sansa fuze

I am planning on buying a Sansa Fuze in the UK and a Sansa Charging base with the remote control. But my questions is can I just connect the Audio out to a set of speakers or does it have to be a hifi system? Is there a limit to the size of speakers? I will need to buy the correct lead too.

I have not brought a mp3 player before and would mainly use it in my home to play music and would like just a half decent sound without spending too much.

Many Thanks for advice

I’m sure others will chime in but…

1- the headphone jack is low power and cannot be hooked to anything but tiny speakers

2- the actual line-out is similar to the line-out on a component cd player or cassette deck, very low power, and must be hooked into a hifi set

But if you use line-out the cable you need will have a stereo headphone like plug on one end and whatever you need for your hifi inputs on the other(usually 2 RCA plugs L&R). Any knowledgeable person at a stereo store should be able to get you the correct cable once you tell her/him it’s to hook a mp3 player to your hifi.

Technically you can use the headphone jack to connect to your hifi, but make sure the volume is set to 25% or so. Line-out is considered better since there’s little amplification in the fuze yeilding better signal quality to your hifi

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You MUST use Amplified speakers with the Fuze…I use a pair of Juster Computer speakers that are powered by 110V from the wall…sounds better than most stereo systems I have heard…

Ok I think I see now, I assume the Sansa has an audio out line then? I am keen to get the Sansa first then the speakers hifi after, I am becoming a bit impatient as it seems such a good piece of equipment!

I just want to be sure if I buy the Sansa I can then fit to a Hi Fi, of course I will get the charging unit too. Seems cheaper and just as good as the ipods!

Many Thanks

As I understand it, the multi-pin interface of the Fuze has a line out, and I’ve only found one product available, the Griffen dock, that give access to it.

Whether or not you’ll hear a difference between the headphone jack and the line out is debateable. IMO if your hifi system is high enough quality to hear the difference, then by using the Fuze at all you’re probably not getting all of the performance capability of your hifi. No MP3 is ever going to sound as good as a CD.

The Griffin dock activates the line out function ONLY when powered by an external AC USB adaptor, i.e., NOT when powered by computer USB…

That said, I routinely use my Fuze connedted directly to my hifi via the Fuze earphone out and it works great that way, only requires a cable with 3.5mm stereo plug at the Fuze end and (typically) 2 RCA plugs at the hifi end… Fuze volume does need to be relatively high but sound quality is very good. Only disadvantage is that the Fuze is not being charged while playing in this fashion. Battery life on the Fuze is so good however that this is not really an issue…

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