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 Hey guys, I decided to rebuild one of my computers to change cases but when I pligged in the USB cables… i plugged one in to be 10V and it fried my E270 that I bought off of Ebay. Theres a Clip+ at Tiger Direct for $38… and its a refurb. But, theres a E250 for $33. Which one should I buy and do you think I can get them for cheaper?

Personally, I wouldn’t buy a refurb at all. You’re just buying someone else’s problem. You’re better off spending a few more dollars and getting a new unit with a warranty. Cheaper price does not necessarily equal better value.

By the way, the Clip+ board is here. :wink:

The price of the Clip+ really has come down–you can check out new prices at  Given those prices, I’d probably go the new, not refurb, route.

I’m in Canada…

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I’m in Canada…


Amazon isn’t the only game in town (or on this continent). I’m sure you can do some shopping around on your own.

eBay (both U.S. and Canada) can be a good source.  Some Buy-It-Now auctions from eBay/U.S., with Canada shipping:

Too bad I checked the forums too late… the sales ended. Ebay is how I got my E270 (as Tapeworm knows). Just have to find an amazing deal like with the E270. What happened was that a guy didn’t know how to fx a corrupt firmware. But the problem is… i’m not sure if the Clip firmware is like the E200 and if it has a recovery mode…

Sice i own 2 E200s (E250 with screen broken and one E270 which fried) I’m ognna give them another shot too. Also, we have Tapeworm on board too who helps in the E200 boards. So, here’s what I have so far:

Posible firmware screw-up.

Fixable by replacing the faces with my other 2 E200s

$60 at my local Future Shop and Best Buy

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