Buy Sansa if you like but do NOT deal with Sandisk

Whatever you think of their products, do not deal with the company directly.  My experience - as follows.  On 12/19/08  I ordered a memory case, then immediately canceled.  A week later the product was delivered.  On 12/20/08, I again ordered from the sandisk site the 32GB View on sale for $199 and a 10% discount coupon.  No confirmation or otherwise and no response to three e-mails.  Between 12/29/08, when the item was still on sale, and 01/08/09 I have spoken to ten different people at customer service, been cut off more than once, not received promised return calls and never given a proper explanation as to why my order was not fulfilled.  Until today, the best I got was “it’s under review.”  Finally, on my fourth call on 01/08/09, three weeks after the order, I was told some of my information was inconsistent and that the order was canceled.  What information, they could or would not say and only suggested that I re-order at the current price of $249.99.  Why, I ask, when it is currently available for $205.00 (incl. P&P) from reputable retailers?  Had I been told within ten days or so of the problem, I could have repurchaed from sandisk for about $180.00 or Amazon for $199.00 with P&P.  Frankly, I wouldn’t even buy any sansa now but accessories ordered from other sources were delivered in a timely and efficient manner and generally the View reviews are pretty good - although all seem to agree that the sound from the clip is superior - go figure?  Negative stars for sandisk.  I hope that they take notice for the benefit of all.  Replies are most welcome.