Button Panel on Clip Zip gets activated when nudged

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Unlike the Clip+ the buttons on the Zip extend right to the edge of the player, meaning if you brush against a wall, door, or turnstile while wearing the player you’re likely hit the forward or back button and either skip to the next file or restart the current one, a big annoyance with podcasts. This happens to me quite a bit and I’m curious if others have had the same experience.

Same experience here as well–the forward and back buttons are very sensitive, even to, along the lines you said, a brush against one’s shirt.

This is the main criticism I had with this player when it first came out that because the buttons extend all the way to the edge of the casing, it would be very easy to inadvertently change tracks without intentionally wanting to.

You’re the first one I can remember complaining about this here though, so while I agree with you and feel your pain, it doesn’t seem to be affecting sales. Add to this the low-res color screen on this model, and I still firmly believe the Clip+ (its predecessor) is a better machine.

Does one of those soft silicone covers help with this?

Rockbox fixes this, if necessary…you can set it for “first button press activates backlight only”. :stuck_out_tongue: