Burst of noise between songs

Hello, does anyone experience a burst of noise between songs when playing files stored in the microSD card (just happens 1-2 seconds before the next song is played)? The noise is very noticeable and quite annoying. However, it didn’t happen bewteen every song. So I doubt if the cause is the format of the songs, the Clipitself or my 1GB microSD card. For this reason, my purchase of a new 16GB SDHC for the Clip+ will be postponed until I figure out what causes the problem. Thanks.

More info: I have updated to the latest firmware and the problem persists.

It may be part of the tags on the songs. Using a program like Mp3tag remove all the info in your tags that is not used by the player (Only leave Title, Artist and Album) then save the files with the cleaned up tags to the player and see if the noise still happens. My guess is that some of your songs have extra data and some of them dont thats why the noise doesnt happen after every song.

Hi Conversionbox,

Thank you so much. I tried what you suggested and it works. Next time I should have searched the forum more thoroughly before I asked for help.

i cant find any answers i have the same problem .iam redoing my library becouse i didnot get all medadata out with eac shoud i get a beter player to solve the proble