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I think feature requests are obviously a waste of time as we saw from the Clip Zip product cycle, but maybe they will at least fix the bugs in the firmware.  So far this is what I’ve come across

  • Doesn’t properly read all FLAC tags.  I end up with a bunch of “Unknown Artist/Album” etc.  checked the card with my PC and mp3Tag sees all FLAC tags are intact.

  • Wouldn’t read my 16gb sd card pulled directly from my Clip Zip (which read all files on the card).  Catalogued about 5 albums and stopped.  Error message said “create card file failed!” or something like that (after “refreshing media”).  Put a 64 gb card in and strangely it reads everything on it.  Checked the other card for errors/bad sectors and nothing.

  • Truncates a lot of file names.  Reading the card on the PC the filenames are still intact, the Sport just doesn’t show it all.

+1 for the missing tags, also got the problem with some mp3s.

I threw in a 64gb card (Sandisk Ultra Plus) just now, and it’s reading my artists down to about M, then skips all the way to V, then X, and then it’s over. So it’s being very selective about what it reads. 

I really hope a Rockbox port comes soon, I know it’ll alleviate many of these issues. 

Coming from the rock-solid Clip+ (which isn’t impervious to washing machines :frowning: ) it’s a little disheartening…but I hope my patience will pay off so I can get that sweet purported battery life gain.

linkdude64 wrote:


I really hope a Rockbox port comes soon, I know it’ll alleviate many of these issues. 


Please don’t plan in it, at least anytime soon:  the Sport uses a chip different than that used in the other Clips; although it is known by the Rockbox devs., it is lesser-used and causes extra complications for any developer considering a port. 

I was worried about that. I think unfortunately that’s grounds for a return and purchasing of a Clip+

I just can’t be without half of my music…thanks for the information. I had tried to find out what the DAC/amp for the sport was before purchase, because I was worried that they changed the hardware. The dropping of the “sansa” name was a big factor in my suspicion, but I couldn’t find any in-depth discussions of the Sport. Maybe I should’ve checked up here! 

Anyway, thanks! Going back to a Clip+ won’t leave me with any disatisfaction, and whenever Rockbox comes to the Sport, I’ll likely upgrade. 

I think that you’re making a wise decision, for what you want.  You just can’t bet on what might or might not be developed in the future . . . .

Yeah, very true. I left a review on Amazon stating as much, so hopefully it helps inform another prospective buyer. Clip+ is ordered!