Buggy software?

Whenever I try to shut down the USB stick afer using secureaccess, I get a message that it’s still in use and to try later. Several hours later it’s still “in use” . I’ve tried everything suggested in the FAQ for this problem but it doesn’t help. The suggestion to just unplug it  doesn’t make it with me.  I also made the mistake of uninstalling the secureaccess desktop manager from my computer. Now when I try to reinstall it, the option to do so is not on the installation screen. I’ve reformated the USB drive and re-run the runsecureaccess.exe but still no option to install the manager. Am I doing something wrong or is this just the buggiest software I’ve ever seen? If these are software bugs, can I have any confidence in the security of the program?

I use to have the “in use” problem with my USB sticks until I applied a patch to my system’s firewall.  Anti-spyware and anti-virus apps can also cause an “in use” problem.

The next time it happens format the hard drive and install Linux then all the buggy software will be gone.  :smileyvery-happy:. 

I run a dual boot system with Linux. :wink: I’ve never had this problem, on any OS, running any software, with any USB stick including this Cruzer. Every thing works fine untill I run the secureaccess program and then it all goes to hell. Since Sandisk addresses this specific problem in their FAQ, I have to assume its a fairly common one. I’m just suspicious of any company that suggests a kludge instead of fixing thier software.