Bug when playing a certain song

Problem: When the song Lemon Tree reaches 1:24, it automatically skips to the next song

Fuze configuration: Fuze version v02.03.31P Shuffle On, Repeat All On, Replay Gain Off, The song is not in the microSD

Audio File:  DRM Free, 320 Kbps, MP3

Notes: If I fast foward at least 1 second manually in the fuze, I can play the hole song, which means that it’s not an encoding problem. The song plays fine in Windows Media Player 12. The song was tranfered via MT, but not from the Windows Media Player, but from My PC in Windows 7.The song is NOT a virus, Scanned with Norton 360

Audio File: Download File (This Download is for information only. It’s not the intention to distribute piracy)

rip the song again and re-transfer it