[BUG]+[TEMPORARY SOLUTION] External Sd card is unreadable on Windows


After upgrading to the newest firmware I am facing a terrible issue- the external sd card is unreadable in Windows. If i try to open it, Windows Explorer just hangs, and after a minute it pops up a message: “The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable”


1.Open command prompt (press Win key+R, type cmd, press Enter)

2.Type "chkdsk G: /f (the G letter should stand for the letter of your unreadable drive), press Enter

3.Wait till it finishes


The worst part is that you need to do this everytime you connect the player

Please confirm if it is the common bug or I am the only one with this.

If I am not the only one- devs, please fix it.

The cmd log (if that helps) : http://pastebin.com/HuY1sdcQ

Maybe eject the micro SD card from your CJ.  Then reformat (FAT32) using a card adapter. Then while your CJ is turned off,  insert the card back into your player.